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This venture is something that we've always wanted to do, but never quite had the nerve. Recently, Helen's ill-health caused us to rethink our lives and set up this Company from our home address.


Trevor has 16 years experience in the glazing trade and is well-qualified to handle all of the practical requirements of the business. Helen has 20 years experience in administration, reception work and book-keeping, allowing her the ability to support him in all aspects of the business management.


We aim to carry out small glazing and window repair work that larger Companies don't wish to undertake. We will replace single or double-glazed units into existing UPVC, aluminium or wooden frames, with face-puttying available where required. We will also repair, replace or adjust handles, hinges, locks and gaskets where needed. Our customers will be assured a local, friendly service.


Van design and signwriting kindly supplied by Re-Design UK Ltd, Unit 2, Focus Court, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover, Hants SP10 5AG.


“The tradesman every householder should have on speed dial”.


Our house near Stockbridge has a total of 34 double-glazed panes of glass. Installed over 25 years ago, they have given us light, plenty of sun, and views from every room.


Due to the age of the windows, inevitably some of them break down, and we're left with a sort of foggy view. The man we call to sort this out is Mr Trevor Whitelock. Up go the ladders, in goes the new glass, back comes the crystalline view. No fuss. No aftershock.


Whatever our glazing needs, he's always the first person to ask.                                       Paul and Jackie

TW Glazing and Window Repairs

Company Registration Number: 8959210


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TW Glazing and Window Repairs
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